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The tutorials listed below are Flash animations of some of our training presentations. We are gradually adding to the list, so please check back regularly.

YouTube Note that we are now hosting all our tutorials on YouTube (and 优酷网 for users in China) for ease of maintenance.

TitleRunning time (minutes)
Analyse your Sequence Variants with the VEP (Web Interface)14:40
How to Install the APIs (GIT and ftp)9:48
Introduction to genome browsers using Ensembl6:36
Using the Matrix to View RNASeq Models, ENCODE Data and More9:36
Ensembl Presentation10:43
The Ensembl Genome Browser10:00
Browsing SNPs and CNVs in Ensembl14:49
Looking at the Region of the LCT Gene - The Region in Detail View24:33
Comparing genes and species in Ensembl20.48
View Your Data in Ensembl12:02
RNASeq in the Genebuild6.48
Viewing Ensembl Regulation & ENCODE Using the Matrix8:00
Browsing RNASeq Data in Ensembl5.52
Clip: Exons and Introns1:12
Clip: Export Sequence1:08
Clip: Genome Variation0:37
Clip: Transcriptomics (ArrayExpress)1:12
Clip: View Conserved Sequence1:26
Clip: View External Data (DAS)1:53
Demo: Sequence Variation for a Gene5:41
Demo: Structural variation for a region3:52
Demo: Using BLAST/BLAT in Ensembl3:00
Demo: Old genome coordinates to new2:44
Introduction to BioMart4.27
BioMart: Variation IDs to HGNC Symbols2:58
How to install the Ensembl Perl APIs in 4 minutes4.09
Patches and Haplotypes in the Human Genome6:10
EnsemblGenomes - Extending Ensembl across the taxonomic space4:54

Coursebooks and online documentation

Using the Ensembl genome browser

The following examples are available in PDF format:

See also our protocols articles on browsing with Ensembl.

Printable mini-course

Educational resources


The following examples are available in PDF format:

Data Access with the Ensembl Perl API

API tutorials are available in HTML format:

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